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Korean Jeollabuk-do Top 10 Patent Certification Ceremony

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On September 20, 2023, the Jeonbuk Intellectual Property Center in Jeollabuk-do, in collaboration with the Jeonbuk Branch of the Korea Invention Promotion Association, hosted the '2023 Intellectual Property-Based Commercialization Excellent Patent Certification Ceremony' at the Grand Hillston Hotel.

Introduced in 2020 as the country's first, the top 10 patent certification projects aim to promote the discovery of superior intellectual property-based products. They also foster the commercialization of outstanding regional patents by small and medium-sized venture companies in the province, all with the backing of provincial and patent offices.

The top 10 patent certifications underwent two rounds of scrutiny by both internal and external evaluation committees. Selection was based on three criteria: technological innovation, business viability, and contribution to the local economy.

Hyesung C&C is gearing up to enhance its capabilities. They anticipate availing various IP-related support projects, such as assistance for overseas expansion based on IP, direct aid for small and medium-sized companies, and IP financing schemes. This will be in association with both the provincial government and the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Below is a photo from the top 10 patent certification ceremony.

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